Community and Economic Benefits

Community and Economic Benefits


The Sheepskin Trail will offer residents an alternative transportation option to travel to work or school. The trail will create outdoor connections for residents and visitors providing access to safe and enjoyable walking/biking paths for individual or family recreation, fishing and cross country skiing

Economic Impact and Development

  • In 2008, trail users contributed $40,677,299 in receipts to the businesses operating on or around the Great Allegheny Passage rail trail and those businesses paid their employees $7,500,798 in wages to accommodate trail generated business.
  • On average, business owners indicated that approximately one-quarter (23.3%) of their gross revenue could be attributed to trail users and two thirds (66.4%) reported that they experienced at least some increase in gross revenue because of their proximity to the trail.
  • Nearly one-quarter of the business owners mentioned that they have or plan to expand their operations within the next year because of the impact they felt from the trail.
  • Other trail systems have demonstrated similar results. Link –

Health and Quality of Life

The Sheepskin Trail will offer the residents of Point Marion and the surrounding communities the opportunity for nearby recreational exercise in a range of activities suitable for the whole family. Trails support a more active, easily obtainable lifestyle that has proven to improve health. Physical activity also reduces stress and improves mental and physical health. Hiking and biking in a safe, attractive, readily accessible environment including nearby Community Park and the Mon River boat launch will make a more active lifestyle easily obtainable in Point Marion.